LS4 V8 to 4T80E Guide

LS4 V8 block mated to a 4T80E four-speed automatic

You might remember Furches Performance’s FWD Monte Carlo with a turbocharged LS4 V8 we shared last month. Since then Brandon Furches has received a lot of questions about how he mated the LS4 V8 to a 4T80E automatic transaxle. So much so that he made a video explaining how he did it. Listen as Brandon … Read more


14.0 L LSx V16 on the Dyno

Sixteen Power LSx based 14.0 L V16

It’s been almost a year since Sixteen Power debuted their custom 14.0 L V16. The engine is basically two 7.0 L LS7 V8 mated together in a single block that accepts aftermarket heads and intakes. The engine with a mild tune with a mild camshaft made 1,103 horsepower and 1,115 lb-ft of torque on the … Read more

Devel Sixteen Quad-Turbo V16 Makes 5,007 hp

Steve Morris Engines quad-turbo V16

For many years Steve Morris has been working on a quad-turbo V16 engine for the Devel Sixteen supercar. The 748 ci (12,258 cc) V16 features a one-piece billet block, one-piece solid roller camshaft, crank (fires every 45 degrees), four heads, and four 81 mm turbochargers. Steve released a video two years ago when the engine … Read more

How a LSx V12 is Made Video

V12LS LSx V12 iron block

V12LS made their first LSx V12 engines by cutting and welding two engine blocks together. The 519 ci V12 made 624 horsepower to the hubs in Quality Custom Ride’s 1967 Camaro. However the V12LS team’s next move is building one-piece aluminum and iron blocks. The one-piece block’s displacement is 580 ci (9.5 L). The team’s … Read more

Ferrari 312 Replica with a LSx V8

SVF1 Ferrari 312 Replica with a 6.2 L LSx V8

Scarbo Performance provides engineering, analysis, and manufacturing for the auto racing industry. The company also makes a 1967 Ferrari 312 replica called the SVF1. The replica comes with either a fiberglass, carbon fiber, or aluminum body on a custom spaceframe chassis. Because of this the car even with full powertrain can weigh as little as … Read more