Sixteen Power’s 2000 hp Twin-Supercharged V16

Sixteen Power twin-supercharged LSx V16

Earlier this year we shared Sixteen Power‘s custom 14.0 L V16 on Katech’s dyno making 1,159 horsepower and 1,122 lb-ft of torque on 89 octane fuel. The V16 features a single block and billet crank but uses four LSx heads. The company stated after developing the naturally aspirated model they were moving on to forced … Read more

Sixteen Power’s V16 Makes 1159 hp

Sixteen Power LSx V16 on Katech dyno

Sixteen Power is a company in Detroit, Michigan building a 14.0 L V16 based on LSx architecture for Marine applications. The company partnered with Katech to develop and test the custom V16 engine. The company recently released a video showing the V16 in Katech’s dyne room for durability testing. Watch as the naturally aspirated V16 … Read more

Katech Pushes a Twin-Turbo LT5 V8 to 1486 hp

Katech twin-turbo LT5 V8

Katech is back with an update on their LT5 build series. They showed the LT5 V8 making 1,013 hp and 1,011 lb-ft of torque in a previous update. This time around the company replaced the supercharger with a Hellion twin-turbo kit, Turbosmart boost controller, and wastegate. They also ported the head and the engine made … Read more

Katech LT5 V8 Makes 1013 hp

Katech supercharged LT5 V8

Katech started a new engine build series on the supercharged 6.2 L LT5 V8. They started with a stock LT5 and their Xtreme-DI fuel injection system which made 788 hp and 762 lb-ft of torque on 93 octane fuel. Then they upgraded the injectors and switched to E85 fuel where it made 925 hp and … Read more

LSx and LTx Engine Part Information and Compatibility

The House of Boost LSx and LTx part info and compatibility

Dario from The House of Boost has a lot of experience building LSx V8 engines. We shared just a few of the projects he’s built like the turbo LSx Chevette and turbo LSx Malibu at his company Infamous Racecraft in Strathmore, Alberta, Canada. Recently Dario researched mixing parts from different generations and shared his findings … Read more

LS4 V8 to 4T80E Guide

LS4 V8 block mated to a 4T80E four-speed automatic

You might remember Furches Performance’s FWD Monte Carlo with a turbocharged LS4 V8 we shared last month. Since then Brandon Furches has received a lot of questions about how he mated the LS4 V8 to a 4T80E automatic transaxle. So much so that he made a video explaining how he did it. Listen as Brandon … Read more