VW Lupo with Two R32 Engines Update

VW Lupo with two VR6 engines

It’s been a year since we shared the twin-engine Lupo being built by Biox Performance in Croatia. The project is powered by two 3.2 L VR6 engines with direct port nitrous systems to make around 800 horsepower in total. Since then they installed the twin engines, twin cooling systems, exhaust, and Golf Mk4 R32 front … Read more

VW Lupo with Two R32 Engines

VW Lupo with two VR6 engines

Ten years ago Biox Performance in Croatia built a Volkswagen Lupo with two 2.8 L VR6 engines. Last year they decided to rebuild the little car and make it even better. They started by stripping it down for body and paint work. Now they are in the process of installing two 3.2 L VR6 engines … Read more

Custom Hot Rod with Two Ford V8s

Custom hot rod with two Ford big-block V8s

Wes Littrell built and races this twin engine custom hot rod. Power comes from two 429 ci Ford big-block V8s with each producing 500 horsepower. Wes’ personal best is a 5.87 sec eighth-mile. This is the third custom hot rod Wes built with the previous two being powered by a 557 ci and 588 ci … Read more