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Villiers X20: Twin 2.0 L V10 Engines

Villiers Engineering twin-engine X20

Villiers Engineering is building a very unique twin-engine at their company in Swaffham, England. The build starts with two of their 2.0 L V10 motors that feature a 62.5 mm bore, 64.0 mm stroke, 22.5-degree design, and 10,000 rpm. The company is combining the engines together with a gear drive sending power to a six-speed manual transmission from a Lamborghini Gallardo. Drivetribe says the engines can produce 400-440 horsepower naturally aspirated. Listen as Mike Fernie explains the motor before talking with the CEO of Villiers Engineering.

Villiers Engineering twin-engine X20

Villiers Engineering twin-engine X20

Source: Drivetribe via BangShift

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