How a LSx V12 is Made Video

V12LS LSx V12 iron block

V12LS made their first LSx V12 engines by cutting and welding two engine blocks together. The 519 ci V12 made 624 horsepower to the hubs in Quality Custom Ride’s 1967 Camaro. However the V12LS team’s next move is building one-piece aluminum and iron blocks. The one-piece block’s displacement is 580 ci (9.5 L). The team’s … Read more


LSx V12 Makes More Sounds

1967 Camaro with a 519 ci V12 LSx

V12LS released a video showing how they plan on setting up their 519 ci V12 LSx engine in Mike Heim’s 1967 Camaro. Mike is going to drive the Camaro in a lot of cruising events such as Power Tour so V12LS was there to tune the engine with two four-barrel carburetors on a single intake … Read more

LSx V12 Pricing

1967 Camaro with a V12 LSx

V12LS released a new image of their 8.5 L LSx V12 and how it is shipped to customers. They also answered a question many people have been asking; how much will it cost? They claim a long block “going to be in the mid 30s” so probably somewhere between $34K-$36K. V12LS will reveal more details … Read more

V12LS’ LSx V12 on the Dyno

V12LS 8.5 L LSx V12

V12LS has been developing a 8.5 L V12 using two LS1 V8 engines and now they released a video of it being dyno testing. On a conservative tune and using their stage 2 cam, the engine produced 717 hp at 6,300 rpm and 627 lb-ft of torque at 5,600 rpm. The team was very excited … Read more

V12LS is Developing and Eventually Selling a LSx V12

V12LS 8.6 L LSx V12 made from two LS1 engines

The interest in a LSx V12 has increased enough for a company called V12LS to develop and eventually sell them. Currently the company is testing their prototype and fixing bugs such as water leaking, starting, head gaskets, and engine management. The engine is a 90 degree with each bank balanced like an inline-six which is … Read more