For Sale: BMW M6 with a Six-Rotor

BMW M6 with a 3.9 L six-rotor engine

The amazing BMW M6 project we covered many times is finished and for sale. The car is located in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa and you need to call for the price. Under the hood sits a crazy 3.9 L six-rotor peripheral ported and built by KiwiRE and assembled and tuned by AJ Racing. Last month … Read more

For Sale: 2002 BMW 745 withy a Turbo Chevy V8

Someone is selling a 2002 BMW 745 with a turbocharged 4.8 L iron-block LSx. I can’t tell if the 4.8 L is a Gen 3 LR4 or a Gen 4 LY2/L20. Either way the engine runs a 4L60E automatic transmission and 70 mm turbocharger. The owner claims the engine is “freshly rebuilt” and features a … Read more