For Sale: RWD Opel Calibra with a Twin-Turbo V6

RWD Opel Calibra with a Twin-Turbo C25XE V6

This Opel Calibra is for sale in Krak√≥w, Poland for 20,000 PLN or about $5,340. Mickey Garage built the car after they receiving a body shell from an AWD turbo 2.0 L model. The company installed a 2.5 L C25XE V6 with a pair of Saab turbochargers and C20LET injectors. It makes 284 horsepower (288 … Read more


Opel Calibra Making 2,241 hp from Twin VR6 Engines

Opel Calibra Tsunami with Twin VR6 Engines

Mickey Garage recently overhauled their Opel Calibra called “Tsunami”. In 2015 the car produced 1,231 horsepower to the wheels from two VW VR6 engines. Although the team could increase the power it was the car’s other components that needed upgrading before significant increases could make it to the ground. Since our previous article the team … Read more

Opel Calibra with Twin 700 HP VR6 Engines

Opel Calibra Tsunami with 1400 HP Twin VR6 engines

This Opel Calibra is called the Tsunami and was built by Mickey Garage in Poland. The car is powered by two Volkswagen VR6 engines. The engines are comprised of a factory block and head but with a GT45 turbocharger, ECUMaster ECU, and custom exhaust and intake, the engines are capable of producing 700 horsepower and … Read more