Frankenbenz Update 3

Mercedes 190E on a C63 AMG chassis with a M156 V8

Piper Motorsport posted new photos celebrating an important milestone for their Frakenbenz project. In our last update we saw tape protecting freshly painted panels while the project was in final assembly. The wait is over and we finally gets to see the project in all its glory sitting on custom fifteen52 wheels. Hopefully we will … Read more


Frankenbenz Update 2

Mercedes 190E on a C63 AMG chassis

It’s very exciting to watch the progress Piper Motorsport is making with their Frakenbenz project. Since our last update the company installed the new custom wheels from fifteen52. These will hold 235/40R18 tires in front and 275/35R18 tires in back. They also installed a rear mounted water cooler for the supercharger on the 6.2 L … Read more

Frankenbenz Update

Mercedes 190E on a C63 AMG chassis

We first shared Piper Motorsport‘s amazing Frankenbenz project in 2015. The project’s lofty goal was wrap a Mercedes 190E body around a C63 AMG chassis. Thus giving the classic sedan AMG’s amazing 6.2 L M156 V8, SpeedShift seven-speed transmission, suspension, brakes, and electronics. The company recently installed a supercharger, finished body/paint and is working on … Read more

Mercedes 190E Wrapped Around a C63 AMG

Mercedes 190E Wrapped Around a C36 AMG

Piper Motorsport has built a Frankenstein Benz by installing a everything from a C63 AMG including engine, transmission, driveline, suspension, brakes, fire wall, dash and electronics into a mid-80’s Mercedes 190E. Simply put they are dropping the body on a C63 AMG W204 chassis. The 6.2 L M156 V8 was developed exclusively by AMG. This … Read more