Is GM Building a DOHC V8

Mercury Racing DOHC LSx V8

(photo of Mercury Racing DOHC V8 model) A document that was listed on GM services website (which has been taken down) showed all of the upcoming engines for 2018 vehicles. One of those lines showed a 6.2 L DOHC V8 designated for use in a Corvette with a name of “LT5”. Any one detail could … Read more

Mercury Racing’s 7.0 L DOHC LSx Engine

Mercury Racing 32v DOHC 7.0 L LSx V8

Mercury Racing debuted their new DOHC 32-valve SB4 7.0 L V8 crate engine at SEMA 2016. They used the technology developed from their 9.0 L QC4 engine platform to develop this engine. The naturally aspirated motor produces 775 horsepower at 7,500 RPM on pump fuel. The DOHC LSx motor uses a custom Callies DragonSlayer crank … Read more

Custom Hot Rod with a DOHC LS7

Slicks Garage 69Ultra Custom Hot Rod with Mercury Racing SB4 DOHC LS7

This custom hot rod called 69Ultra was built by Slicks Garage in Miami, Florida. The project started with the last of Slicks limited edition Ultra fiberglass body. The design is Slicks Garage homage to hot rodding and includes details from many influential decades. This car is incredible lucky to be powered by a 7.0 L … Read more