Project Binky Episode 10

It has been almost four months since the guys at Bad Obsession Motorsport released their last episode of Project Binky. In case you haven’t been following Project Binky involves installing a Toyota Celica GT-Four drivetrain into a modified Mini chassis. In this episode they work on the controls, pedals, and steering. Source: Bad Obsession Motorsport

Mini With A Honda B18C

Mini With A Honda B18C

This very nice Mini was built a Germany company called GRacing. They specialize in swapping Honda engines into Minis. This particlular one runs a Honda B18C. Here is a Facebook video recorded from the back near the exhaust as it runs. Source: GRacing Facebook album

Project Binky Episode 9

The project involving a Toyota Celica GT-Four powered Mini continues with episode nine. In this episode they finish the coachwork, a method of removing excess engine heat through the metal, and an amazing power system to open and close the flip-front. They also finally begin work on the interior. Source: Bad Obsession Motorsport

Project Binky Episode 8

The project involving a Mini being powered by a Toyota Celica GT-Four drivetrain continues with episode eight. In this episode they work on improving the doors. This involves adding new skins, repairing the rust around the bottom, and adding a support. They also build an amazing support structure so the front body panels will flip forward … Read more

Turbojet Powered Mini and Peel

Leave it up to a group called the Jet Pac to take some of the smallest cars ever made and stuff turbojet engines into them. They currently race a Mini with two engines and a Peel Trident with a single engine. The Peel Trident just set a record for the fastest Peel with a quarter-mile … Read more

Project Binky Episode 7

The project involving swapping a Toyota Celica GT-Four into a Mini continues with episode seven. In this episode we find the team finishing the chassis mods and installing electric windows and locks. Source: Bad Obsession Motorsports