Project Binky Episode 27

Project Binky Mini with a Celica AWD swap episode 27

Bad Obsession Motorsport released another update on their Project Binky. The team is finishing up the last of the work before the car is sent to bodywork and paint. In this update they install a oil dipstick tube, fuel filter, four tow hooks, trim panels, and shorten the shifter cables. Source: Bad Obsession Motorsport

For Sale: AWD Mini with a Honda B20 Inline-Four

AWD Mini with a Honda B20 inline-four

This Mini Mk3 is for sale in Buelton, California for $49,000. The Mini is powered by a 2.0 L B20 inline-four with upgraded injectors, Hondata S300 ECU, and stainless steel exhaust. The engine is mated to a Honda CR-V AWD drivetrain with a Megabite limited-slip differential in back on a Minitec subframe. The Mini rides … Read more

1974 Mini with a Turbo Hayabusa Inline-Four

1974 Mini with a Turbo Hayabusa Inline-Four

This 1974 Mini is being built by @barely_a_mini. The modified body rides on a custom chassis with roll cage and narrowed Mazda Miata subframes, steering rack, suspension, and brakes. In the back of the car sits a 1299 cc inline-four from a first generation Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle. The goal is to make around 300 horsepower … Read more

Mini with a Twin-Turbo V8

Mini with a Twin-Turbo Chevy V8

Nathan Dobson built his unique Mini at his company Garage26 in Molesey, England. The Mini sits on a custom chassis with a twin-turbo 441 ci small-block Chevy V8. The V8 makes 800 horsepower on 0.9 bar (13 psi) of boost from two 72 mm turbochargers. Behind the motor sits a three-speed automatic transmission which sends … Read more

Project Binky Episode 26

Project Binky Mini with a Celica AWD swap episode 26

Bad Obsession Motorsport released the next update on Project Binky. They have made a lot of progress building their incredibly modified Mini using a Toyota Celica GT-Four powertrain and many brackets. In this video the team finishes the wiring before building a custom hood release, strut tower brace, and exhaust manifold. Source: Bad Obsession Motorsport

1974 Mini with a 502 whp Supercharged 3.5 L V6

1974 Mini with a supercharged 3.5 L Acura V6

This 1974 Mini called a “Super Cooper S” was built by Gildred Racing in Central California. In the back of Mini sits a supercharged 3.5 L J-series V6 making 502 hp and 383 lb-ft of torque to the wheels. The engine features a J32A2 long block, J35 crank, Arias forged 9.5 pistons, Crower H-beam rods, … Read more