Video of 1948 Studebaker with a RB20DET Driving

1948 Studebaker with a RB20DET Skyline powertrain

This 1948 Studebaker Champion was built by Chateau Stillwater Garage. The project was born from the love the classic Studebaker design and Skyline performance as detailed in our featured on the project last year. The builder did a great job of meshing the RB20 inline-six and five-speed manual from a R32 Skyline into the two-door … Read more

1948 Studebaker with a Skyline Powertrain

1948 Studebaker with a RB20DET Skyline Drivetrain

After completing several projects Chateau Stillwater Garage wanted to create something really unique. The builder had already completed a Mazda RX-7 with a RB20DET and enjoyed it so much he wanted to use the engine in another project. Since almost all of his other projects used European and Japanese vehicles he decided to use an … Read more