Carbon Fiber Wheels

Carbon fiber is finding its way into every product car related these days. Now it seems carbon fiber is now being used in wheel production. WheelsandMore 20″ wheels weight only 13 lbs compared to a typical 20″ alloy which could weight as much as 40lbs. These wheels don’t come cheap. WheelsandMore is charging $30K for … Read more


BBS has just added a new wheel to their Gold series called the LM-R. The main difference is this uses their patented “back milling” process to remove excess material from within the spoke edge. The idea being it makes the spoke a kind of I-beam; sort of like those used in buildings. This allows for … Read more

Wheel Weights

Have you ever wondered how much your wheel weighs? Do you know why weight matters? GTI-VR6 offers the weight of both stock and aftermarket wheels. The great thing about finding the weight of stock wheels is because some are light and you can find them decently cheap by comparison to aftermarket wheels.