Nissan 240SX with a Twin-Turbo RB26/30 Inline-Six

Nissan 240SX with a Twin-Turbo RB26/30 Inline-Six

Matt Farah took some time at Gridlife South to review BridgeMoto‘s 1995 Nissan 240SX on Road Atlanta. Under the hood sits a 3.4 L RB-series inline-six that makes 600 horsepower to the wheels. The engine features a RB26 head, 272 camshafts, RB30 block stroked to 3.4 liters, forged internals, and two Garrett 3071R turbochargers. The … Read more


DeathKart with a Turbo Viper V10

Nissan S13 Deathkart with a turbo Viper V10

This is Mike Perez’s version of the death kart built at Speed Warhouse. It started life as a 1991 Nissan 240SX with a 1.8 L CA18DE inline-four and was how Mike learned to drift. It turned into what you see after a bad collision and he began to part it out thinking it was done … Read more

TRC Nissan 240SX with a 2JZ Enters the 7-second Club

TRC Nissan 240SX with a 2JZ

The TRC (That Racing Channel) Nissan 240SX started in the 10’s and has slowly improved until it reached the 8’s. But to break into the 7’s they needed even more power. Recently the team asked Real Street Performance to build them an upgraded 2JZ. The engine comes with Manley forged internals, Ported Solutions ported head, … Read more

Nissan 240SX with a Mid-engine LS4

Nissan 240SX with a Mid-engine LS4 V8

This 1991 Nissan 240SX was in pretty rough shape when the current owner found it but it ran and only cost $200. The owner also came across a Monte Carlo SS which was totaled on the driver side. This left everything up front in great shape for transplantation. So the 5.3 L LS4 V8, 4T65E-HD … Read more

Nissan S14 with a Toyota V12

While browsing Youtube I found a Nissan Silvia S14 with a 1GZ-FE V12 from a Toyota Century. The testing was filmed at Motor Land Mikawa in Japan. If anyone knows more about this project please contact us or leave a comment. Update 11/4/2015 – The owner Marcio shared a new video in the comments Source: … Read more

Nissan 240SX With A Ford 302 V8

Nissan 240SX With A Ford 302

Nelson Monteiro set out to build a V8 powered 240SX to use for drifting without breaking the bank. Instead of going the LSx route he choose to use a Ford V8. In a single garage he was able to swap a Ford 302 V8 into a Nissan 240SX over the course of a winter. Nelson … Read more