Nissan S14 with a 1100 hp Twin-Turbo VK56 V8

Nissan S14 with a twin-turbo VK56 V8

Dmitriy Illyuk and his Nissan S14 called “The Drako” compete in Drift Kings Europe. Under the hood sits a twin-turbo 5.6 L VK56 V8 making 1,100 horsepower and 1350 Nm (995 lb-ft) of torque. Power is sent to the rear wheels through a Drenth Motorsport MPG sequential transmission and R230 differential. For more photos please … Read more

Nissan S14 with a Supercharged LS3

Nissan 200SX with a supercharged LS3 V8

Polish professional drifter Karolina Pilarczyk competes in the 2019 season of Drift Kings Europe in her Nissan 200SX S14. The coupe is powered by a supercharged LS3 V8 that makes 750+ horsepower thanks to a Vortech V-7 YSi supercharger and ECUMaster ECU. The drivetrain consists of a G-Force GSR four-speed transmission with a Exedy Hyper … Read more

Nissan S14 with a Turbo VW Inline-Five Update

Nissan S14 with a turbo VW inline-five

Christian Christensen spent the past three months with OverBoost DriftTeam preparing his Nissan S14 for the 2019 European drift season. The car is powered by a turbocharged 2.5 L VW inline-five mated to a G-Force G101A four-speed dogbox and Nissan 370Z differential. The team recently went to for some dyno tuning. No word on … Read more

Nissan S14 with a Turbo VW Inline-Five

Nissan S14 with a turbo Audi inline-five

Danish Pro Drifter Christian Christensen and his OverBoost DriftTeam are building a new vehicle for the 2019 season. The project starts with a Nissan S14 which will be powered by a turbocharged 2.5 L VW (CBTA) inline-five. The engine is originally from a 2013 Beetle (North American model) and will be rebuilt with forged internals, … Read more

1996 Nissan S14 with a Turbo VR6

1996 Nissan S14 with a turbo VR6

Trevor Couture has spent a lot of time and effort building his 1996 Nissan S14. He’s currently working on the fourth version of the project. The engine is a turbocharged VR6 that 703 hp and 564 lb-ft of torque to wheels on 28 psi of boost from a GT4294RS turbocharger on E85 fuel. The engine … Read more