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Nissan 240SX with a Viper V10

1998 Nissan 240SX with a Viper V10

The owner of Lee C Parts is building a unique 1998 Nissan 240SX. They purchased the car with a 5.7 L LSx V8 and T56 six-speed manual transmission from a Pontiac GTO. But that wasn’t enough cylinders and displacement. So they swapped the V8 and transmission for a V10 and T56 six-speed manual from a Dodge Viper. Of course fitting that much engine into a bay designed for an inline-four is going to require modifications. That is where fabricator Josh Hutchins stepped in and made a custom tubular subframe, custom mounts, custom front sump oil pan, and custom 4-inch side exhaust. Watch the build series below.

Source: ScrapLife Garage and ScrapLife Garage FB page

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