Nissan S14 with a Quad-turbo 2JZ

We have covered many Nissan 240SX/Silvias running a 2JZ engine but what makes this S14 built by Caroline Racing so unique is its turbo setup. The 2JZ “under” this S14 hood is running four turbochargers. Alexi from Noriyaro explains the design as a custom compound setup. At lower RPM two smaller TD06-17C turbochargers begin to … Read more


Defined Autoworks’ Nissan 240SX

1997 Nissan 240SX With A LS1

Defined Autoworks specializes in rotary powered cars. This 1997 Nissan 240SX previously had a three-rotor engine but someone offered the owner a price he couldn’t refuse. So out went the three-rotor and in went a LS1 from a 2002 Camaro SS. The engine runs a LS6 intake, ASA cam, LS6 valve springs, LS7 lifters, and … Read more

Speed Academy’s Nissan S13 LSx Swap Guide

Speed Academy created a series on swapping a LSx motor into a 240SX. This guide has a lot of good information such as picking a Cadillac CTS-V accessories setup because it’s the most compact and fits the S13 with no clearance issues. The only drawback is the series is more of an overview. The builder … Read more

Brody Goble’s Nissan S13 With A LS2

You are looking at Brody Goble’s new drift machine, a 240SX with a very powerful LS2. The GM V8 includes an 408ci Eagle stroker kit, L92 heads, COMP cams, FAST LSX-R plenum and 102mm throttle body, and MoTec ECU. This combo is good for 512 whp and 490 ft-lb of torque. I really like the … Read more

Brill Steel Carbon S14 Drift Car

Brill Steel Carbon S14 Drift Car

We have covered a lot of Silvia/240SX projects and Brill Steel Motorsports in northern Italy has built one of the wildest. Built for professional driver Enrico Sartori, this beast will primarily compete in drift events but might also compete in autocross. Brill Steel Motorsports is one of the few shops in Italy that build hot … Read more