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Intensive Car Unit is Swapping a Maserati V8 into a Scion FRS

Scion FRS with a 4.2 L Ferrari F136 V8

Intensive Car Unit is building a Scion FRS for SCCA Time Trials. The project involves removing the FRS’s factory flat-four, transmission, and rear end. Intensive Car Unit will be swapping a 4.2 L Ferrari F136 S/U V8 and Graziano six-speed transaxle from a Maserati Quattroporte. This will give several advantages such as better weight distribution, dry sump system, and 400 horsepower. Intensive Car Unit will also be swapping over the Quattroporte’s suspension and brakes.

Scion FRS with a 4.2 L Ferrari F136 V8

Source: Intensive Car Unit

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