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1970 Opel GT with a LSx V8

1970 Opel GT with a 6.0 L LSx

This 1970 Opel GT is owned by Brandon Sutton and was filmed at 2016 Goodguys Nashville Nationals competing in the autocross course. The video says the car runs a 6.0 L LSx V8 which means it’s probably running a LS2 or iron-block LQ4/LQ9. From the video you can see the engine has been setup to run a carburetor. If anyone knows more about this project please contact us or leave a comment.

1970 Opel GT with a 6.0 L LSx

1970 Opel GT with a 6.0 L LSx

1970 Opel GT with a 6.0 L LSx

Update 8/18/2016 – New video of Opel at autocross

Update 8/19/2016 – Walk-around and autocross run

Source: NotBob Channel and ScottieDTV

9 thoughts on “1970 Opel GT with a LSx V8”

  1. I saw an Opel the other day and remembered How I had always thought they were really good looking cars in spite of the lack of power. Then it dawned on me they could be thought of as a predecessor to the Miata. Kind anemic from the factory but very swappable.. The engine compartment in the Opel seemed really small and I didn’t know if a full size 8 would fit or not. I guess it does…
    Even if you don’t want to go the full Monty, there are several 6 cylinder models to choose from. The LF3 and LF4 3.6 liter models and then the brand new 3.0L LGW, all of which get over 400 horses and about the same torque numbers.
    Heck, even the 2.0L ecotech at 250 HP will effectively double the factory specs. There can’t be many left, but could be unique fun…

  2. Yep, that conversation was in 2010, long before some of the smaller turbo engines came out. I’m thinking the LX he had in that car probably wasn’t putting out much more than a stock 3.0 or 3.6 now days. An interesting aside, with the 3.0(LGW) from chevy you can have 400 HP AND cylinder deactivation when you can keep your foot out of it.. Can you imagine a DD you can track on the weekend and hurt some feelings and then drive it to work every day… lol

  3. I do not know much about the inside specs of the opel gt; however I was looking to do a project. what 4I engines get the most power? I was thinking audi or something.

    1. Ford 3.5 Eco-boost gets about 350 horses and over 400 torques. GM has a 3.6 TT gets over 400 horses and over 400 torques.
      And any of them could be tuned for even more fun and games.

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