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1970 Ranchero with a Twin-Turbo Big-Block

1970 Ranchero with a Twin-Turbo Big-Block V8

Jerry Link built a unique 1970 Ford Ranchero. Over the years the drag race car visited the dyno several times and Eclipse5302 documented the power output. In 2019 the twin-turbo 600 ci big-block Ford V8 made 1565 hp and 1396 lb-ft of torque to the wheels on E85 fuel and 20 psi of boost. The motor features forged internals, Kassel heads, two GT4202R turbochargers, 2000 cc injectors, and a FAST XFI system. Behind the motor is a Turbo 400 automatic transmission sending power to a Ford 9-inch rear end with 35-spline axles. You can read more about the Ranchero in MotorTrend’s article from 2017.

Source: Eclipse5302

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