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Twins Turbo S2000 Update

Twins Turbo S2000

Twins Turbo updated Supra Forums on their progress. Eric also pointed out this car should not be considered a swap.

I resent our work being labeled as a “swap” we are not swapping anything in, we are not using any factory mounts, there will be no way for anyone to do what we are doing without the aid of a welder and tubing bender, plasma cutter along with fabrication skills. some could argue that this is a “swap” since we have changed the engine so dramatically, but I think the term takes away from what we are doing and is more akin to a Honda or a 240 that you can SWAP engines and have a running car in 2 days or so. not the case here.

There is no doubt this car is way above what is considered a traditional swap.

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