Hummer With 2,000 Torque Engine

Yes thats right a 5,000 lbs red Hummer H3 by Johnathan Goodwin of SAE Energy will have around 600 hp and 2,000 lbs torque thanks to a military turbine. Johnathan expects the H3 with this kind of power to do 0-60 in 5 seconds. The H3 will actually be a hybrid, part electric and part turbine. The turbine will run off biodiesel and charge several super capacitor batteries to run the electric engines. The really neat trick is it will run off the electric motors most the time and only turn on the turbine when the batteries need to be refilled. The turbine has so much torque the batteries will be filled at a fast rate. By combining each of the technologies strengths Johnathan has created a Hummer that will get around 60 MPG!


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