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Acura NSX with a Turbo K20 Update

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Acura NSX with a Turbo Honda K20

After eight months of work Brandon Wilbur is ready to debut his Acura NSX to the world. When we last wrote about the NSX it was waiting on a new paint job and a few small things. Brandon has since finished the car and painted it black with black wheels. The color choice seems to emphasize how sinister this project is. Under the rear hatch sits a built 2.0 L Honda K20 inline-four with a Precision 6870 turbocharger what will produce around 1,000 horsepower. Brandon is hoping to bring the car to FL2K or TX2K. Expect to see some great videos if he does.

Acura NSX with a Turbo Honda K20

Acura NSX with a Turbo Honda K20

Source: Beerad12

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