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LS7 Powered Honda S2000

You are looking at a very powerful S2000. This Honda roaster happens to have the straight four swapped out for a 7.0 L LS7 V8. To fit the large engine the subframe had to be modified with a receiver channel on either side with an aluminum sub-frame connector. The transmission is a T-56 from a 2006 GTO and is still running the factory driveshaft and differential. The custom steering system was constructed from two-inch chromoly tubing and gussets allowing it to be relocated around the bigger engine. The modifications to the steering netted a loss of about 3% turning radius but no bump steer has been detected as of yet. The S2000 still has a great weight bias of near 50/50. It also has HP Racing brakes, Fight-ex dual coil over suspension and HRE 19″s in front and 20″s in back. The Tracy wide body kit helps hide the two piece dry sump tank which consists of half in the bay while the other half is in the inner fender connected by a two-inch cross-over. The factory Honda tachometer is still being used thanks to a Dakota Digital tach filter to change the input from 4 to 8 cylinder. The speedometer was also saved using a Dakota Digital pulse multiplier and 16 magnet at the driveshaft speed to produce the proper count. This has to be one of the best S2000 swaps out there. The time and effort involved is clear to see.

Source: (no longer active) via ESD reader

9 thoughts on “LS7 Powered Honda S2000”

  1. 10k would not even cover the ls7, the swap in this case ranged alot closer to 30k on the low side. then you have the brakes ect…

    i know this from going ls2 with my miata

  2. It cost 10 000$ for an ls1 swap into an s2k at Montreal , ls7 is more expensive !! Im the owner of “SeriousSwap” division of Atelier L.G.T and im build many s2k likes ls1-ls3 and the new srt2000 … V10 s2k !!! For more info call 514-582-1513

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