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VW Beetle with a Honda CBR1000RR Engine

1971 VW Beetle with a Honda CBR1000RR inline-four

Jørn Tangen turned some heads when he took his 1971 Volkswagen Beetle called “1302 RRR” from his home in Drammen, Norway to Gatebil 2016. The Beetle’s powertrain consists of a 999 cc inline-four and six-speed transmission from a Honda CBR1000RR motorcycle. The engine produces around 175 horsepower and 103-112 lb-ft of torque depending on which model year it is. A chain takes the power to a custom housed Quaife ATB limited-slip differential. The transmission is controlled via a TransLogic Powershift system with a paddle shifter and displayed on a Koso dash. The Beetle uses electric motor to reverse. The car only weighs 1,433-1,543 lb (650-700 kg) thanks to about a thousand holes drilled in the body. Jørn plans on installing a turbo system in 2017.

1971 VW Beetle with a Honda CBR1000RR inline-four

1971 VW Beetle with a Honda CBR1000RR inline-four

1971 VW Beetle with a Honda CBR1000RR inline-four

1971 VW Beetle with a Honda CBR1000RR inline-four

1971 VW Beetle with a Honda CBR1000RR inline-four

Source: møkkakjeller’n FB page and via Speedhunters

8 thoughts on “VW Beetle with a Honda CBR1000RR Engine”

  1. To be honest I’m not a big fan of these bike engine swaps. They have pretty much no torque, you need to rev a hell out of them to get any power. I get it that they’re light, compact and powerful, but still.

    1. You are wrong, you know nothing about motorcycles, nether a modification of a transmission, that can help to deliver a much more advantages been mounted on a motorcycle engines, you seems to be without any knowledge dude, rpm is everything in this kind of situation, the track is flat, not climbing, and you do not know if the train has a good size mass weight in the flywheel, to help to impulse the car, besides they open and bored it to 1300 it has much more horse power, yeah you need not to be fan of this because you are a total ignorant!

      1. so toxic and written like a child. He’s entitled to his own opinion and he’s not totally wrong. I assume MOPARfan is one who likes overstroked, big block engines with N/A or FI running a “high torque on the low rpms” tune. And thats totally fine!

        Personally, I find motorcycle engines great for certain purposes, but I’d much rather a rotary engine… just one of the many masochistic enjoyments.

        Then again, due to my location, I’d rather a SRT4 in my Honda EK9 rather than a CBR1000RR if you know what im saying

  2. Rawlins Ronald Chetram

    Hey i always wanted to build my own bike engine bug. Do guys have a step by step instructions showing you how to put in a bike engine.

  3. Hi I have a LA sport model beetle similar to yours, I was wondering if you sell the conversion kit for the bike to beetle engine swap, I’m in south africa and things like this gets out of hand expensive

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