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Update 5-3-2008: XAT Racing has closed.
Update 9-19-2019: XAT Racing has re-opened.

XAT Racing owned by Casey Higgins, is a full feature engine swap candy store. They work on all major swap engines such as SR20DET, RB25DET, 3SGTE, 1JZ-GTE and even some bowtie love with the LS1. They also offer complete package swaps including the car such as a 240SX with LS1/T56 for $13,500. What if you just want an engine and transmission? Well they sell engines alone if you feel like taking the swap on yourself.

5 thoughts on “Shop: XAT Racing”

  1. Is your shop in Miami? if it is can you tell me where… i am looking forward to doing a RB25det NEO swap and would like to know how much it would cost if i provide the 240sx and the engine and you do everything else…
    Thank you

  2. Just wanted to get the word out that XAT Racing is alive again! It’s not the Nissan-centric dyno shop it used to be, but is co-owned by one of the employees there back in its heyday of late 00’s. I know it’s an old post, but I don’t want people thinking we’re gone forever.

    We specialize in Toyota V8s now mostly, and have a few BIG project cars in the works that will be getting attention. Just finished 2JZGTE swapping a 1971 El Camino for instance.

    If you’re still looking for swaps, we’re still more than capable of doing so, now with over a decade of additional experience!

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