RX-7 Owner Gets Rip-off Swap

This RX-7 owner wanted a LS6 motor swap but instead got a very expensive lesson. Engine swaps are not cheap so make sure you money is being spent at a knowledgeable shop. Do a little homework on shop’s reputation and quality. Make sure they have completed the exact same swap you want or at least has a history of similar swaps that would allow them to take on a specific swap for the first time. In the end I am glad a competent forum member stepped up and was able to fix it.

Source: LS1tech

1 thought on “RX-7 Owner Gets Rip-off Swap”

  1. patrick a. stephenson

    Know of any shops besides Hinson supercars and Granny’s speed shop, have a 1985 that I’m changing the current swapped in V8 and looking for upgrades,
    widebody IMSA/GTU kits etc.

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