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600HP Super 240Z

Mark Rolston Datsun 240Z with RB26DETT

Mark Rolston has owned the same 240Z for ten years. He obviously has used that time to build one of the nicest 240Z on earth. After breaking the original engine in the 240 Mark decided his new engine would be the ever great RB26DETT from a Nissan Skyline GTR and in the current configuration is putting out roughly 600hp. That kind of power in a 240 makes this car something to be feared anywhere there is a flat surface for the tires to bite. Everything else on this car has been upgraded including the suspension, brakes, lowered 2-3 inches, control arms, and 18″x11″ wheels all around. The body has been upgraded as well with a dry carbon-fiber custom hood and fiberglass fender flares. Mark even says if you are interested in one of those flares, Al’s bodywork (512-836-1851) in Austin, Texas still has the molds.


3 thoughts on “600HP Super 240Z”

  1. I’m moore interested in how to swap the engine and where to get the engine and does anybody make mounts for the swap . how about engine wiring harnessfor the swap , I need to know everything that you need to make it happen, I am a mechanic and have the know how but not list of needed parts . maybe you can help , I have a 71 240 z

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