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VW Transporter with Porsche Turbo Engine

VW Transporter with Porsche turbocharged flat-six

What if your Porsche 911 just doesn’t have enough leg room for you, your kids, and some groceries? And you still like getting to your errands lighting quick. Well if you have lots of money and I do mean lots, you can get the best of both worlds. TH Automobile will take a VW Transporter, swap a Porsche 3.6 L turbo engine, and an AWD system from the 996 for $213,300. All these upgrades will allow you to get those groceries from 0-62 MPH in 5.2 seconds. Then if I understand it correctly for some extra money they will even throw another engine up front. I know after reading this your next question is “What if I want to transport something larger?” Well they also have you covered with a 4 door flat bed version for only $249,200. Your money might be better spent buying one 911 Turbo and one VW bus and just switch between them. But if you have the amount of money to seriously considered buying this, then the last thing on your mind is being sensible.

Source: via Autoblog

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