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Datsun 510 with Supra Engine Swap

Datsun 510 with turbo 7M-GTE

While trolling through we came across progress pictures of Anthony’s 1971 Datsun 510. The Datsun currently has a turbo charged 7M-GTE engine from a 1991 Toyota Supra dyno’d at 398 RWHP. Anthony bought the ride back in 1994 and never really intended for an engine swap. But after three years of the stock engine and HP, he decided to swap a 280zx turbo engine. Two years later the need for more power made way for the Supra engine swap. Since the Supra swap he has continued to improve upon the performance as well as the body aesthetics.Anthony also has enough talent and will to create his own front bumper. Taking roughly 3 weeks to arrive at the design he wanted it seems to fit perfectly and mesh with the rest of the body. Maybe the greatest quality of this car is how unique it is. There are not many Datsun 510 driving the streets and especially ones with a turbocharged Supra engine.

I like this car because it’s unique, people get a kick out of it, and I’ve built and tuned it by myself. It’s fun at track days yet I can drive it on road trips such as Portland to San Jose this summer was over 1200 miles round trip. I vow no trailers are in it’s future.

Datsun 510 with turbo 7M-GTE

turbo 7M-GTE inside Datsun 510 engine bay

Datsun 510 with turbo 7M-GTE

Datsun 510 with turbo 7M-GTE

interior of a Datsun 510 with turbo 7M-GTE

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4 thoughts on “Datsun 510 with Supra Engine Swap”

  1. i have 510 datsun which i race at dover in Jamaica .this car came from California USA, a full prepare race car . i am now running a sr20 motor with cams, springs, solid lifters, curler rods from Jim Wolf also a pair of 50 solex, gear box 4 speed munchie. I’m getting ready for the 2011 season. I have selling a L1800 race engine, also a L 2 litre racing engine built by Vincent Bedinie of Connecticut. I also have a ultra close gear box. Anyone wish to contact me by cell or email: cell#:1876-856-0000. I will upload some photos and post it another time. Lovely project but wouldn’t it be better to have a Nissan Skyline motor

  2. Hello,
    I am inquiring about the price you are requesting for this car. please contact me at your earliest convience at 619 564 8130. Thank You

  3. I came across this web, because I am looking get some more horse power out of my 78/510 hatchback, it is rare here in CT because everyone has a sedan or 4 door not a hatchback, I really want to keep it more stock with its l20b motor and was looking for advise, I do have a weber carb and tha is it. email me any information, I am also looking for a rear seat.

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