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Toyota 86 with a 1,800 HP 1FZ-FE

Toyota 86 with a Turbo 1FZ-FE I6

This Toyota 86 was built for Boosted 86 Racing and driver Nikki Hepburn to dominate at the drag strip. The engine is a 4.5 L 1FZ-FE inline-six that was de-stroked to 4.0 L and built by JW Automotive. It produces 1,800 horsepower thanks to a Link Thunder ECU and Garrett GTX55 turbo. All that power is sent through a built Powerglide two-speed transmission. In our previous article the best the car had gone was 7.60 sec quarter-mile at 187 mph. But since then Nikki has gone 7.29 sec at 197 mph. The ultimate goal is getting into the 6’s.

Toyota 86 with a Turbo 1FZ-FE I6

Toyota 86 with a Turbo 1FZ-FE inline-six

Source: Boosted86 Racing FB page and Fullboost

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