LSx Engine Swap Challenge

Car Craft and Holley will be selecting two teams of four or less members to compete against each other in an engine swap contest. The two teams will have to swap a running non-LSx motor for a LSx engine. Whoever can complete the swap first and drive the car wins the contest and the engine. Make sure you are the winner because the loser will have to either pay for the engine or spend the rest of the day removing the engine. Only 1955-1997 American RWD cars and trucks are allowed.

To enter you will need to send an email to with the following info: your name, address, phone number, car make, model year, and the factory engine you will be swapping out. You will also need to include a photo of your car and the engine. You will also need to write a 200 word or less reason why you should be chosen and what type of mechanic skills you possess. Deadline for entries is August 10. Two teams will be selected by Car Craft editors.

Source: Holley via LS1Tech

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