For Sale: Widebody RX-7 with LS1

A very nice 1993 Mazda RX-7 with a LS1 / T-56 is up for sale. The car has many upgrades besides the engine swap. The car is $30,000 and located in Florida. Check the source link below for more details.

RX-7 for sale with LS1 engine swap

LS1 engine in RX-7 engine bay

Source: 6SpeedOnline

4 thoughts on “For Sale: Widebody RX-7 with LS1”

  1. this car was for sale forever ago it looks like but im in awe I/of it of you sol it do you by chance have contact information on the current owner info for the purpose of sale thank you, you can reach me at 412 906 1233 or at my email thanks you Sincerely John R. Chujko

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