V7 Twin Turbo Corvette Final

American Supercars has finished their crazy mid-engine TT Corvette. On the dyno this monster turboed LS1 put out 1,067 horsepower and 980 pounds of torque. No telling what kind of boost currently the engine is running but I assume the engine has been heavily modified to handle 1k hp. The car’s weight comes in at 3,165 lbs with a 40/60 weight bias.

V7 Mid-engine Corvette

Turbocharging is handled by a pair of Turbo Re-Source blueprinted 77mm turbochargers.

v7 turbos

The good news is American Supercars is promising a 1966 Supercharged Mid-engine Droptop for SEMA 2008. I guess they didn’t want to put all that knowledge to waste.

V7 mid-engine corvette

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