Twin Turbo LSX Volvo Wagon

This 1989 Volvo 745t normally came with a 4 cylinder turbo putting out around 150-200 HP. This car is a project of sorts for the owner’s father who was heavily in the Volvo community. The Volvo called “Volvette” has a 1999 LS1 with twin turbos, 6 speed transmission (probably T-56), custom intercooler, bumper off a Volvo 850, and a ton of other upgrades and modifications. All those modifications added up to $20,000. With proper management and tuning the owner is pretty sure this beast will put out around 700-850 HP. All these modifications have made this probably the most unique Volvo wagon on the face of the earth. If you happen to know of one more unique please let us know.

Volvette Engine Bay

Volvette Valve Covers

Volvo Under carrage

Make sure to check out his Cardomain profile. He has 10 pages currently with lot of pictures of the build process. Ohh page 9 has a nice looking model in draped over the car in case you were wondering.

Here is a video showing off all the hard work and money spent.

Volvette build price sheet

Thanks Kris for the tip.


  1. Daniel

    Hey, you guys rock… I here you live somewhere, or used to live somewhere near me in Lancaster Pennsylvania… I think one of you guys know my father Jeff Smeltz and i have seen your whole video. Man do you think you could put like some corvette engine in another car that has a catchy phrase like Volvette?

    PS: you guys rock. 😀

    Message me back if you please.

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