Building a Texaco Doodlebug with a Quad-turbo V16

Texaco Doodlebug with a Quad-turbo V16

Legacy Classic Trucks in Driggs, Idaho is building a new shop truck from a 1933 Texaco Doodlebug tank truck. These trucks were originally created by Norman Bel Geddes’s design firm in the early 1930’s. They were built by Heil Company in Ft. Payne, Alabama on Diamond T chassis. They were powered by a Hercules L-head inline-six connected to a four-speed transmission. You can read more about their creation here. Legacy plans on building theirs with a 1,472 ci (24.14 L) Detroit Diesel 16v92 V16 which will produce 1,350 horsepower and 3,200 lb-ft of torque thanks to four turbochargers. The drivetrain will consists of a Allison transmission and rear mounted V-drive.

Texaco Doodlebug with a Quad-turbo V16

Texaco Doodlebug

Source: Legacy Classic Trucks FB post

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