C6 Corvette with a Turbo Inline-four

C6 Corvette with a Opel C20LET inline-four

We found this dyno video recorded by Maxxtuning AB in Sweden of a C6 Corvette with a turbocharged 2.3 L Opel C20LET inline-four built by TKS Racing. The C20LET comes from the factory as 2.0 L so the builders have increased the displacement to 2.3 L. The engine produced 409 horsepower and 496 Nm (365 lb-ft) of torque to the rear wheels thanks to a Garett GTX28 turbocharger pushing 1 bar (14.5 psi) of boost running off E75 fuel. The Corvette was built to compete in SLC Racing Series endurance racing which has a max on engine size for turbo and NA engines.

C6 Corvette with a Opel C20LET inline-four

C6 Corvette with a Opel C20LET inline-four

C6 Corvette with a Opel C20LET inline-four

Unfortunately this was the only photo I could find of the completed project.

C6 Corvette with a Opel C20LET inline-four

Source: Maxxtuning


    • Some ECUs require all wheels to spin even if RWD/FWD otherwise it cuts power (traction control system). Since this is running off an aftermarket ECU I don’t believe that is the case. Another possible cause is some AWD dynos have both drums connected to each other. This allows them to test certain AWD systems like EVOs (viscous center couplings) without hurting them.

      • anonymousJ

        Thanks for clearing things up for me. I’ve been a long time reader of your blog and enjoyed all your articles. Keep up the good work!!!

        PS. I’ve always wondered, do you have a project with a engine swap? If so, have you shared it?

        • Thanks for the support. I am glad you enjoy the articles. I do not have a project with an engine swap. Writing about them so often I find myself changing my mind over and over. It will happen at some point.

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