Diesel Camaro Towed by 50 Tons and 90 Feet of Military Power

MK48-15 towing another MK48-15 and diesel powered Camaro

Nathan Mueller from One of Won drove his Duramax powered 5th Generation Camaro to Jacksonville, Florida to pick up a MK48 Front Power Unit. These are part of a Logistics Vehicle System which are eight-wheel drive all-terrain vehicles used by the United States Marine Corps. The MK48 is powered by a turbocharged 450 hp Detroit Diesel V8 connected to a four-speed Allison transmission. Nathan drove the 25,000 lbs (60″ wheelbase) Front Power Unit to Ft. Meyers, Florida to pick up the MK15 RBU. Before coming back Nathan decided to pick up another MK48 and MK15 which combined made for a 90 feet and 50 ton behemoth that gets 1.3 MPG. Watch as Nathan and crew work to get the incredibly large tow back home.

MK48 next to Camaro with a Duramax diesel

Source: One of Won

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