Hyundai Genesis LSx Update

We have some more information on the Hyundai Genesis with a LSx motor swap. The exhaust manifolds are form a C6 Corvette. The transmission will be a 6L80 and will later be a TR6060. They will use a tap shift shifter from Speartech. The steering rack location is still stock. The differential will probably be upgraded to a Camaro LSD.

Hyundai Genesis Coupe with LSx swap

Using the LSx engine swap will save 100 pounds when they were able to delete the four cylinder, turbo system, factory subframe, intercooler and 2 piece drive shaft (switched to a 1 piece).

Hyundai Genesis Coupe with LSx swap

After the swap there is still enough room under the hood for either a supercharger, long tube headers or a twin turbo system.

tubular subframe for Hyundai Genesis Coupe LSx swap

Source: LS1tech


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