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Toyota 86 2JZ Wiring Harness Kit

Scion FR-S with a 2JZ inline-six

Pure Automotive and Obsidian Motorsport Group recently debuted their complete wiring harness kit for installing a 3.0 L 2JZ inline-six into 2013-2017 Toyota 86, Scion FR-S, and Subaru BRZ. Since the car relies heavily on CAN BUS systems it makes it very hard to make everything talk to each other the way it should from the factory with a different engine. Together the teams have solved the issue using a MoTeC M130 ECU and their own harness. The kit costs $5,995 and includes everything needed for a plug-n-play installation. Unfortunately the parts can not be sold individually and are only sold as a kit.

MoTeC M130 ECU

The kit includes:

  • MoTeC M130 Stand Alone ECU
  • MoTeC M130 Data Logging Package Level 2
  • Obsidian Motorsport Group 2JZ Toyota 86 Swap Package
  • Obsidian Motorsport Group / PURE Toyota 86 to 2JZ Adapter Harness
  • Pure Automotive Custom 2JZ Engine Harness With BRZ Breakout Harness

The kit will talk to:

  • OEM power steering
  • OEM electronic throttle pedal
  • OEM gauges
  • OEM wheel speed sensors
  • OEM fan module control
  • OEM fuel pump module control

Source: Pure Automotive

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