Acura NSX With LoveFab’s Pikes Peak Engine

1991 Acura NSX with a V6 from LoveFab's 2012 Pikes Peak NSX

LoveFab built an amazing NSX for Pikes Peak 2012 that featured a 1,056 horsepower monster 3.0 L V6. The car achieved a second place in the Unlimited class that year. Soon after that Paul Coffman contacts LoveFab for a turbo kit but since they were switching to a LSx powerplant for 2013 he ended up with the LoveFab engine instead. Paul installed the motor into his 1991 NSX which has a 2002 front and rear body conversion.

1991 Acura NSX with a V6 from LoveFab's 2012 Pikes Peak NSX

The engine uses the 3.0 L block with 9:1 compression pistons, Carillo rods (balanced within 0.5 grams), Supertech valves, 1000 cc injectors, and a LoveFab turbo kit. Paul swapped the turbo for a smaller Garrett GTX3582R to get the power band more in the 3,000 rpm range. The current setup is producing 642 horsepower. If you are interested in more information and photos please visit the source link below.

Source: Super Street Online

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