Chrysler 300 with Viper Engine

Chrysler 300 with Viper engine swap

Derek Ekin’s 2006 Chrysler 300 has had its 3.5L V6 replaced with a 3rd generation 8.3L Viper V10. Derek did all the work himself except for the wiring and ECU work. The swap took him a year because he had to learn for himself each step. The Viper uses a T-56 six-speed transmission. The suspension has been upgraded with Eibach adjustable coilovers. The gas tank was also upgraded to a custom Aeromotive tank.

Viper engine in Chrysler engine bay

Source: Red Letter Dodge via Jalopnik


  1. Brian Matthew Plemons

    Just curious if anyone has dropped a 5.2 litre v-8 out of a ram into a 300 and if so any knowledgeable tips for the swap? I have an 05 chrysler with a blown up 3.5 just sitting in the yard and happen to have a 5.2 litre out of my 98 ram and thought about attempting to do a heart transplant. Thanks for any info

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