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LSx Based 14.0 L V16

Sixteen Power LSx based 14.0 L V16

Sixteen Power debuted their 14.0 L V16 engine at the Miami Boat Show 2017. The engine is based on the GM LSx platform and is essentially two 7.0 L LS7 V8 mated together in a single block. It retains a 4.125-inch bore and 4.000-inch stroke and will accept aftermarket LSx heads and intake manifolds. The engine will be offered in 900 HP, 1200 HP and 1400 HP naturally aspirated versions and 1,600 HP supercharged and 2,000 HP quad-turbo versions coming. Sixteen Power designed the engine for boats but I have to believe someone with deep pockets is already dreaming about installing one of these in their vehicle.

Sixteen Power LSx based 14.0 L V16

Sixteen Power LSx based 14.0 L V16

Full Stats:

  • custom single-piece cast A356-T6 aluminum block
  • 10 main bearings


  • Billet single piece manufacturing with big-block Chevy mains for increased journal overlap and stiffness


  • Billet single piece 3-bolt with full length gun drill
  • nine camshaft bearings


  • Production or aftermarket LSx Gen 4 or LTx Gen 5 cylinder heads


  • Production or aftermarket intakes
  • XVI Power marine intake under development


  • 6-stage dry-sump system
  • 5 scavenge sections including one dedicated to the top-end


  • Two stage sea pumps; 120 GPM raw water
  • Twin circulating pump; 150 GPM of coolant flow
  • Two engine coolant heat exchangers
  • Transmission cooler
  • Twin oil coolers
  • Power steering fluid cooler
  • Fuel cooler


  • Fuel injected
  • Twin drive-by-wire throttle bodies
  • even-fire combustion pattern

Power outputs:

  • 900 HP naturally aspirated
  • 1200 HP naturally aspirated
  • 1400 HP naturally aspirated
  • 1600 HP supercharged
  • 2000 HP quad-turbo

Source: Sixteen Power FB page and Engine Labs

7 thoughts on “LSx Based 14.0 L V16”

      1. I believe Chevrolet had shoehorned a Caddy V16 before in a Tahoe, which later on was used in the Cadillac Sixteen. Though that might not be factual as I don’t have the photos.

        1. You are correct in your memory. They did indeed shoe horn a V16 Northstat based motor in a Taho test mule. There are published stories. It was later installed in the Cadillac Evoc, Super sedan, With a very knife edged Design. It was a Design study for a Flagship automobile, to compete with the top touring sedans of the world. It was as Shiny Black as Obsidian, and just as sharp, design wise.

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