Hayabusa Powered Golf Cart Races a Supercharged Corvette

Hayabusa powered golf kart drag races a supercharged Corvette Z06

We all know that power-to-weight matters more than just producing the most amount of power. In the video below a Corvette C6 Z06 with a ProCharger F1X supercharger reportedly making 1,050 whp drag races against a golf cart with a 1300 cc Hayabusa motorcycle engine making 158 whp. Of course there could plenty of other reasons for the cart winning such as getting a better holeshot, having better tires, 1/8 mile track and so on. But no matter the reason it is still fun to watch a fast car beaten by a golf cart.

Source: Urbamworm via LSxMag

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  1. Jim

    I’m more interested in that first generation Ford Escort in the foreground. Those cars were SLOW out of the box. I wonder what’s under that hood.

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