Project Thunderbolt: Building A LS3 Powered Miata – Part 1

Project Thunderbolt a LS3 Powered Miata

Tom’s Turbo Garage is starting a new project building a LS3 powered Mazda Miata. Every step to this build will be recorded and new episodes will be released every two weeks. The basics of the project are a LS3/T-56 Magnum transmission, CTS-V accessory drive kit, and CTS-V 3.42 diff. Tom will be using a swap kit from V8 Roadsters as well as following the swap guide by Flyin Miata. The video below is part 1 of the series and the teardown begins at the 7:50 mark.

Project Thunderbolt a LS3 Powered Miata

Source: Tom’s Turbo Garage via Build-Threads

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