Silverado with LS7 Corvette Motor

Chevrolet Silverado with LS7 Corvette engine swap

Ford Lighting and Dodge SRT10 owners now have to worry about a truck with bowtie power catching them. A performace shop out of Houston called Fastlane has taken a Silverado and swapped a Corvette LS7 motor under the hood. The swap includes the 500 horsepower engine, a Baer brake kit upgrade, four-link suspension, some body stiffening, and racing tires. The desire to have one of these is so high some dealers will also be offering the package. Jalopnik says the package starts at $19K but the only package I see that actually offers the engine swap costs $33,900. This includes the LS7 motor and the appearance package. It is hard to tell if you can just get the swap without the appearance package.

Source: Jakopnik

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