200SX with BMW M5 Swap

Reading their website doesn’t tell much but it seems we are looking at a Nissan 200SX with a 3.6L BMW engine (S38B36) from a 1989–1995 M5 (E34). Then they turbocharged the engine with a Garrett GT45 turbo. No where do they indicate the horsepower output but I would expect good numbers though the video is really unimpressive. It could be the driver being cautious but I expected more rubber to be left behind.

A commenter by the name of Stefan has posted links to two more youtube videos which seem to be of the same car. He has posted that the car has 657 bhp at 10psi boost. Videos below

Source: Site via Carscoop

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  1. Thanks Stefan. I have updated the post to include the videos you posted. If you are involved in this project and have anymore updates please let us know.

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