1966 Citroen Meets Bowtie Power

1966 Citroen with a LS1 V8

This swap is proof you are only limited by your budget, time and imagination. Jeff Meyer really thought outside the box using a French built front wheel drive 1966 Citroen ID19 as a basis for his swap. It seems the body was about the only thing still French on the car. The driveline has been switched from a FWD to a RWD. The frame was built by Art Morrison using his G-Max chassis as a starting point. The suspension was swapped from a Morrison’s Mustang II-based independent in the front and a triangulated four-link in the rear. The Citroen was also channeled 4 inches in the bottom to help it reach it’s lower stance.

1966 Citroen with a LS1 V8

The original engine found in 1966 was a four cylinder that put out roughly 60-80 hp. The swapped engine is a slightly used LS1 tuned to turn out roughly 400 hp. A decent increase from the original engine. The transmission also has been upgraded by way of a automatic 4L60E transmission. I can see how this might not be everyone’s first choice but we can agree it is very unique and a lot of time and craftsmanship went into building it.

Source: HotRod via Winding Road

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