Honda Element J-Series Swap Kit

Honda Element with a J35 V6

Honda only sold the Element with a 2.4 L K24 inline-four and if you want more power then it’s either boost or more displacement. For those that prefer displacement Mini Tec is working on a swap kit to install a J30 or J35 V6. The kit will include an adapter plate, engine mounts, and some other components. Update 8-11-2020: Mini Tec now sells the kit here for $1,841.

Honda Element with a J35 V6

Honda Element with a J35 V6

Source: Mini Tec

43 thoughts on “Honda Element J-Series Swap Kit”

      1. I would really really love to see something like this for the first gen RD1 CR-V I really want to do a J swap awd manual transmission in mine. I mean mime is already awd and manual transmission but I really want a J series in my CR-V it would cost probably less than building the b20B high comp motor I have in it for boost and then actually boosting it versus just dumping what should have always been an option in the CR-V. A V6 and the J series are nearly next to bullet proof. Only issues they ever have is a few models have some issues with piston rings I think select first gen pilots and second gen odysseys and certain accords.

      2. There is a huge interest and Market for this, any updates at all? I can easily source, and in fact have three J series engines sitting, collecting dust. Any updates for this? I know we can utilize their adapter kit for the transmission, but I’m interested in the subframe and mount components.

      3. As far as I know the kit is available, it’s around $1800. I have tried contacting them over the phone including today and I’m told that the guy who deals with that swap will call me back but nothing so far. My friend who I owns the shop I work for was on the phone with him a couple months back and that’s how I knew the kit was available. I’m getting a TL Type S J32 and I know the oil pans on the J motors are not the same. It might interfere with the starter since their plate puts the starter under the oil pan. Mostly gathering parts over the winter for this swap hoping that I will hear from them before spring time.

          1. I do not know why either, there is plenty of demand. I’m curious to get some more info from them. Mostly ecu, wiring, and Hondata flash pro capabilities. This truly is something great for the Element community and I think it might bring more appreciation to the under appreciated Honda box.

            1. I agree. It seems like a very popular engine swap kit. I just don’t understand why they have been so quiet on it recently. They released photos and video within months and then nothing for over a year.

          2. Nice! i know than Element like cr-v 2
            and i’d like to make swap j32a2 (Inspire) on my crv rd4 and Automatic transmission from Odyssey 4wd)

          3. Is this dead? Any more updates. I got bored and modeled/laser cut the adapter plate already during this tedious wait. I guess I will tackle the wiring. Will probably just do the v6 Accord ECU wiring to element pinout first
            Swap is more affordable if you rather just swap the j engine and auto trans with a mount it and use the harness out of the Odyssey along with ECU. Disable the immo and you are good. Otb.rnd@gmail if you guys want plates and engine mounts.

          4. What is needed for wiring? I’d by a 2005 crv if this was reasonable easy.. parts(this kit is a good price) and these j35 engines are cheap.

          5. I have 2003 crv awd but automatic is there adapter plate for stock auto transmission. Interested in doing either of the v6 swaps!

          6. This should be a direct swap if you use the drivetrain out of a Pilot, Ridgeline, Crosstour, ZDX or MDX, right? Engine, trans, transfer case, rear diff? Use the kit, if needed, for mounts (do these trucklets have a K-member?), the trans is already bolted to the motor, so no adapter needed. Fuel system from any of the V6s should work. Driveshaft and exhaust system would have to be custom. And then the electrics, which would be the killer without a custom harness.
            I’m probably forgetting something, but my last swap was factory supported, so I knew exactly what I needed.

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