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Listen to a Synergy V8 in a Toyota 86

Toyota 86 with a Synergy V8

A Toyota 86 with a very special engine stopped by High Performance Academy for a tune and some dyno time. Under the hood sits a Synergy V8 which produced 500 horsepower at 10,600 rpm. The engine is built in New Zealand and features a custom CNC block, custom flat plane crank, and a pair of heads from a Kawasaki ZX12R motorcycle. Paddle shifters control a Holinger six-speed sequential transmission. Both the engine and transmission are controlled by a MoTeC M150 ECU which cuts fuel for up shifts and matches engine rpm for down shifts. The combo makes this a dream machine for some enthusiasts.

Synergy V8 CAD render

Toyota 86 with a Synergy V8

Source: High Performance Academy and Synergy Power

3 thoughts on “Listen to a Synergy V8 in a Toyota 86”

  1. Really nice, but for the price of the swap + the car your into some really good alternatives (Porsche’s etc) that make this unrealistic for all but the most hardcore enthusiast.

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