Turbo F20C Powered Boat

13 foot boat with a turbo F20C

Impossible Fabrication removed the outboard motor on this 13′ boat and replaced it with a 2.0 L F20C inline-four from a Honda S2000. They chose this engine because of its high rpm capability and dependability. The engine is expected to produce 300 horsepower thanks to a Garrett turbocharger making 7 psi of boost. The engine will be connected to a 6-inch jet pump from a Yamaha Waveraider.

13 foot boat with a turbo F20C

13 foot boat with a turbo F20C

13 foot boat with a turbo F20C

13 foot boat with a turbo F20C

Source: Impossible Fabrication via Automotive Obsession


  1. John Smith

    I used to do a lot of auto engine boat conversions and almost everyone who has started one always asks me the same question so I’m posting it here for anyone’s convenience who happens to see this post:
    What kind of couplings do you use to adapt spinning parts of different makes and applications? No, you don’t need to make something or pay some machinist tons of money to make something, we always used Lovejoy couplings. They are awesome and I’ve never known of one failing. http://www.lovejoy-inc.com/

  2. Jim

    I hope to see more of this. It will be interesting to see how they deal with the oil pump sitting right below the exhaust manifold.

    Pretty sure this is going to piss off a few purists, but it’s a cool idea.

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